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Track your iDevices

Posted February 2nd, 2015

Tracking vehicles has become a natural part of any fleet-based business. However, developers don’t stop and go further in using a GPS technology. Recently the iPhone app iKeyMonitor has introduced a new feature for their application that from now on will offer GPS tracking. Users will be able to track their iPhones, iPods, or iPads easily.

Mark Simon, CEO of Awosoft, the company that worked on iKeyMonitor believes that now the application is more parent-friendly as there are situations when it is important to know where your children are. According to him, the novelty will be soon available on Android as well.

Apart from being a good opportunity for parents, users themselves will be able to benefit from the innovation. Thus, the number of stolen or lost devices will significantly decrease. The app records all the information about the device including time stamps, keystrokes, web history, calls, and messages and even takes a photo of the person holding it. After installation the app stays invisible, which is quite a pitfall for a clueless thief. The location of the device can be pinpointed on Apple maps or Google maps.

Obviously, GPS tracking is a revolutionary approach to keeping tabs on our valuables so there’s no excuse for neglecting this opportunity.