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Lost Luggage? Not with GPS

Posted January 28th, 2015

It’s hard to find a person indifferent to travelling. As well as a tourist who is indifferent to the convenience of his travel. Apart from the things we can’t foresee like the weather or lines at the airport, there is something we certainly can take care of ourselves to improve our comfort while on the road.

The revolutionary suitcase technology allowing you to keep tabs on your luggage and prevent its loss – please welcome Trunkster. It’s a new generation of suitcases that were created to fulfill even the bravest expectations. Does it disturb you every time that you slightly overpacked your bag? Trunkster has a built-in digital scale to let you know you should leave some stuff at home before you get fined for overweight. Do the zippers get stuck when you need to quickly access your luggage? A sliding rolltop door lets you in without any difficulty. Your phone needs charging? Make use of the removable power pack that can charge your phone up to 9 times.

Beside all these features, Trunkster can boast of an improved handle for better balance and a solid body to guarantee all your belongings travel as safely as you. But the culmination of this invention is a built-in GPS tracking system so that you will never ever have to wonder where on Earth you luggage is.