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Keep Tabs On Your Wallet

Posted February 6th, 2015

Inside our bag there are so many valuable things that we don’t really think about. However, should it go missing we immediately feel the loss. Needless to say that one the most treasured things our bag contains is our wallet. And should you lose it or simply get it stolen it will certainly complicate your life.

Royce Leather, founded in New York in 1974, is aimed at eliminating lost-wallet worries by introducing the first ever wallet equipped with GPS tracking. Owners of the wallet can use a smartphone to identify the wallet’s location should it go missing. The GPS technology has a limited range of just 100 yards, so hopefully the loss will be noticed soon.

CEO of Royce Leather, Andrew Royce Bauer, was “determined to elevate the functionality of the traditional wallet. You should never lose it.” Besides GPS tracking systems, his company is also working fingerprint technology and RFID blocking technology.

At the moment, the wallet can be purchased only at Macy’s for $50.