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Improve Your Score With GPS

Posted February 3rd, 2015

New trends in the world of GPS tracker technology don’t make us wait. This time, the National Football League demonstrates how else GPS can be integrated in our everyday life or, to be precise, in the lives of the players. The function of the novelty is two-fold with both parties – coaches and athletes – benefiting from it.

With the new introduction, coaches got an opportunity to control their players’ condition. A tiny gadget placed underneath the shoulder pads collects all possible bio-mechanical data. The stats are then relayed to monitoring software on the computer so that staff can access readable figures. The idea of the innovation is to prevent players from extreme fatigue and lower risks of injuries.

Furthermore, a GPS tracker records the player’s speeds, directions taken and overall on-field behaviour. The collected data naturally becomes good food for analysis. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of players will allow coaches to tailor their strategy and improve the game. At the moment, fifteen out of thirty two NFL teams are equipped with GPS trackers. And there are more to be equipped!