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A Romantic Way to Use Technology

Posted January 26th, 2015

There have been so many unique marriage proposals that it is almost impossible to come up with a new way to strike the world and get the precious “yes”.

Nevertheless, Japanese artist Yasushi Takahashi – a.k.a Yassan – exceeded his girlfriend’s expectations when he spelled out the phrase “MARRY ME” using GPS tracking technology.

Yassan covered more than 4,349 miles by car, ferry, bicycle and even on foot to leave a heartwarming trace across the Japanese islands. He spent 6 months on his trek and made a 7-minute documentary to illustrate each stage of his journey. The trek was carefully planned starting from Hokkaido island to Hyodo Cliff on Kyushu island. The GPS device was tracking all his locations to transform his long journey into a romantic proposal with an arrow striking the heart at the end.

Although Yassan’s project holds the Guinness Record for the world’s biggest GPS drawing what really matters is that his girlfriend said yes: 'It wasn't a waste of time. After I explained, she said yes. It is a sweet memory,' says Yassan at the end of the documentary.